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fleet-Guide Truck and Trailer Repair Ltd. ColdFront, Ltd. ColdFront, Ltd. ColdFront, Ltd. Central Transport Refrigeration (Man) Ltd. I-State Truck Center 1027.4Kms Great Falls, Montana Interstate PowerSystems 1112.2Kms Grand Forks, North Dakota I-State Truck Center 1153.5Kms Missoula, Montana Interstate PowerSystems 1155.9Kms Billings, Montana Interstate PowerSystems 1217.5Kms Fargo, North Dakota Utility Trailer Sales of Spokane Co. 1219.2Kms Spokane, Washington ColdFront, Ltd. 1342.0Kms Surrey, British Columbia Utility Trailer and Equipment Sales NW 1381.8Kms Mount Vernon, Washington Utility Trailer and Equipment Sales NW 1409.7Kms Richland, Washington Interstate PowerSystems 1448.2Kms St. Cloud, Minnesota Utility Trailer and Equipment Sales NW 1463.9Kms Auburn, Washington Utility Trailer Sales of Idaho Falls Co. 1469.2Kms Idaho Falls, Idaho Eickhoff Enterprises, Inc. 1494.3Kms Marshall, Minnesota Transport Refrigeration of South Dakota, Inc. 1550.9Kms Sioux Falls, South Dakota Utility Trailer Sales of Boise Co. 1563.9Kms Boise, Idaho Interstate PowerSystems 1574.6Kms Lakeville, Minnesota Coast Truck Centers 1621.8Kms Troutdale, Oregon Crossroads Trailer Sales & Service, Inc. 1668.5Kms Albert Lea, Minnesota Sapp Bros. Cheyenne 1669.4Kms Cheyenne, Wyoming Keizer Refrigeration, Inc. 1684.1Kms Sioux City, Iowa MCT Companies 1719.1Kms North Platte, Nebraska Gateway Truck & Refrigeration 1745.4Kms Sparta, Wisconsin CT Power 1750.6Kms Greeley, Colorado Gateway Truck & Refrigeration 1754.2Kms Plover, Wisconsin Carrier Transicold of Utah 1758.7Kms Salt Lake City, Utah MCT Companies 1793.1Kms Grand Island, Nebraska Interstate PowerSystems 1810.1Kms Waterloo, Iowa CT Power 1818.7Kms Commerce City, Colorado MCT Companies 1820.9Kms Omaha, Nebraska Gateway Truck & Refrigeration 1825.1Kms De Pere, Wisconsin Quality Services Corp 1839.1Kms Marshalltown, Iowa Quality Services Corp 1855.0Kms Des Moines, Iowa Gateway Truck & Refrigeration 1870.9Kms DeForest, Wisconsin Coast Truck Centers 1904.5Kms Klamath Falls, Oregon Interstate PowerSystems 1905.3Kms Cedar Rapids, Iowa Quality Services Corp 1960.5Kms Ottumwa, Iowa Interstate PowerSystems 1972.6Kms Davenport, Iowa Gateway Truck & Refrigeration 1976.0Kms Rockford, Illinois Reefer Service 1977.0Kms Cadillac, Michigan Gateway Truck & Refrigeration 1980.0Kms FRANKSVILLE, Wisconsin MCT Companies 2027.7Kms Salina, Kansas Rush Truck Centres of Canada - Sudbury (Limited Services at this Location.) 2047.0Kms Sudbury, Ontario MCT Companies 2059.7Kms Garden City, Kansas Reefer Service Inc 2075.8Kms Hudsonville, Michigan MHC Carrier Transicold 2081.0Kms Kansas City, Kansas Gateway Truck & Refrigeration 2081.2Kms Justice, Illinois Shasta Transport Refrigeration 2087.8Kms Redding, California Transport Services of Nevada 2092.0Kms Sparks, Nevada MCT Companies 2097.1Kms Dodge City, Kansas Gateway Truck & Refrigeration 2105.1Kms Quincy, Illinois Carrier Transicold of Utah 2112.3Kms Cedar City, Utah Carrier Transicold of Detroit 2123.6Kms Saginaw, Michigan MCT Companies 2145.9Kms Wichita, Kansas Gateway Truck & Refrigeration 2158.1Kms McLean, Illinois MHC Carrier Transicold 2175.1Kms Columbia, Missouri Coast Truck Centers 2251.1Kms West Sacramento, California Carrier Transicold of Detroit 2262.8Kms Lincoln Park, Michigan Crosspoint Power & Refrigeration 2263.5Kms Fort Wayne, Indiana Lewis Motor Sales, Inc. 2282.3Kms Barrie, Ontario Gateway Truck & Refrigeration 2282.4Kms Collinsville, Illinois Scott's Commercial Truck Services 2292.1Kms Toledo, Ohio Southwest Diesel Service 2304.5Kms Ruthven, Ontario CT Power 2309.6Kms North Las Vegas, Nevada Utility Trailer Sales of Central California 2316.4Kms Lathrop, California MHC Carrier Transicold 2317.6Kms Springfield, Missouri Reefer Sales & Service 2321.8Kms Cambridge, Ontario Reefer Sales & Service (Toronto) Inc. 2326.6Kms Guelph, Ontario Reefer Sales & Service (Toronto) Inc. 2330.6Kms Brampton, Ontario Crosspoint Power & Refrigeration 2340.6Kms Indianapolis, Indiana CT Power 2343.0Kms Albuquerque, New Mexico Fleet Refrigeration 2354.6Kms Amarillo, Texas W & B Service Company 2357.7Kms Tulsa, Oklahoma Gateway Truck & Refrigeration 2364.1Kms Mt. Vernon, Illinois Reefer Sales & Service 2364.6Kms Whitby, Ontario Bay Area Transport Refrigeration 2366.3Kms Hayward, California Valley Transport Refrigeration 2381.6Kms Fresno, California Utility Trailer Sales of Central California 2383.2Kms Fresno, California W & B Service Company 2390.5Kms Oklahoma City, Oklahoma W & B Service Company 2394.9Kms Lowell, Arkansas Evolution Truck & Trailer Service 2410.7Kms Niagara Falls, Ontario Reefer Sales & Service 2425.9Kms Belleville, Ontario CT Power 2433.5Kms Richfield, Ohio Carrier Transicold of Pennsylvania-West 2438.7Kms Erie, Pennsylvania Reefer Sales & Service 2438.9Kms Ottawa, Ontario Carrier Transicold of Upstate New York-Buffalo 2447.8Kms Buffalo, New York CT Power 2459.5Kms Hamilton, Ohio CT Power 2465.3Kms Columbus, Ohio Reefer Sales & Service 2473.1Kms Kingston, Ontario W & B Service Company 2476.2Kms Van Buren, Arkansas Williams Carrier Transicold 2493.9Kms Hubbard, Ohio Gateway Truck & Refrigeration 2494.7Kms Matthews, Missouri CT Power 2496.0Kms Jeffersonville, Indiana MCT Companies - Bakersfield, CA 2498.3Kms Bakersfield, California Carrier Transicold of Upstate New York 2499.3Kms Rochester, New York Equipements Yvan Lemay Enrg. 2507.4Kms Chicoutimi-Nord, Quebec Reefer Sales & Service 2520.0Kms Cornwall, Ontario Utility Trailer and Equipment Sales NW 2529.7Kms Anchorage, Alaska W & B Service Company 2531.3Kms Pottsville, Arkansas Lubbock Truck Sales, Inc. 2537.1Kms Lubbock, Texas Nordic Refrigeration CT 2548.9Kms Saint-Laurent, Quebec Carrier Transicold of Pennsylvania-West 2559.0Kms Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania CT Power 2562.9Kms Phoenix, Arizona Carrier Transicold of Upstate New York 2573.1Kms Syracuse, New York Luc Daigle 2577.7Kms La Presentation, Quebec MCT Companies 2600.5Kms Jurupa Valley, California Refrigeration de Camion D.F. 2606.5Kms Quebec, Quebec MHC Carrier Transicold 2613.2Kms Little Rock, Arkansas MCT Companies 2615.0Kms City of Industry, California Carrier Transicold of West Virginia 2618.9Kms Mineral Wells, West Virginia Crow's Truck Center 2660.9Kms Memphis, Tennessee Kile Truck Refrigeration 2667.2Kms Nashville, Tennessee Centre du Camion Denis Inc. 2673.1Kms Rimouski, Quebec Carrier Transicold of Upstate New York 2674.0Kms Binghamton, New York W & B Service Company 2680.4Kms Blue Mound, Texas CT Power 2683.4Kms Yuma, Arizona W & B Service Company 2686.9Kms Sulphur Springs, Texas W & B Service Company 2687.7Kms Texarkana, Arkansas Carrier Transicold of Pennsylvania Northeast 2693.7Kms Muncy, Pennsylvania Carrier Transicold of Pennsylvania-West 2699.9Kms Bedford, Pennsylvania W & B Service Company 2708.6Kms Duncanville, Texas Refrigeración Tijuana S de RL de CV 2710.4Kms Mexicali, Baja California Utility Trailer Sales Southeast Texas, Inc. 2721.3Kms El Paso, Texas MCT Companies 2723.4Kms San Diego, California Carrier Transicold of Southern New England 2725.8Kms Groton, Vermont Carrier Transicold of Pennsylvania Northeast 2746.1Kms Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania Refrigeración Tijuana, S. de R.L. de C.V 2747.3Kms Tijuana, Baja California Northway Transport Refrigeration 2771.3Kms Castleton on Hudson, New York W & B Service Company 2778.2Kms Longview, Texas Carrier Transicold of Pennsylvania Central 2787.8Kms York Haven, Pennsylvania Valley Fleet Service 2799.4Kms Stephens City, Virginia MHC Carrier Transicold 2803.7Kms Knoxville, Tennessee W & B Service Company 2807.0Kms Shreveport, Louisiana Carrier Transicold of Pennsylvania-East 2810.3Kms Fleetwood, Pennsylvania MHC Carrier Transicold 2835.6Kms Chattanooga, Tennessee W & B Service Company 2863.4Kms Temple, Texas Carrier Transicold of Southern New England 2866.7Kms Springfield, Massachusetts Multimarine Services, Inc. 2874.2Kms Baltimore, Maryland Carrier Transicold of Maine 2882.0Kms Portland, Maine Dysart's Service 2892.0Kms Bangor, Maine Carrier Transicold of Pennsylvania-East 2894.2Kms Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Carrier Transicold of Southern New England 2897.2Kms East Berlin, Connecticut Carrier Transicold of Pennsylvania - East 2900.9Kms West Deptford, New Jersey Carrier Transicold of New Jersey 2904.4Kms Matawan, New Jersey W & B Service Company 2905.1Kms Lufkin, Texas Carrier Transicold of Southern New England 2908.0Kms Milford, Connecticut CNR Refrigeration Co Inc 2918.2Kms Hempstead, New York MHC Carrier Transicold 2920.0Kms Birmingham, Alabama Carrier Transicold of Boston 2923.6Kms Wakefield, Massachusetts Southern States Utility Trailer Sales, Inc. 2936.6Kms Richland, Mississippi W & B Service Company 2954.0Kms Austin, Texas Carrier Transicold of Rhode Island 2954.6Kms Cranston, Rhode Island MHC Carrier Transicold 2975.0Kms Gainesville, Georgia MCT Companies 2975.6Kms Kernersville, North Carolina MCT Companies 2986.4Kms Greenville, South Carolina Virginia Trailer and Truck Body, Inc. 2995.0Kms Chester, Virginia Multimarine Services, Inc. 3004.3Kms Salisbury, Maryland MCT Companies 3007.5Kms Charlotte, North Carolina MHC Carrier Transicold 3017.8Kms Lake City, Georgia Volvo Tractoremolques del Noroeste, S.A. de C.V. 3030.0Kms Hermosillo, Sonora W & B Service Company 3032.3Kms Converse, Texas W & B Service Company 3050.9Kms Houston, Texas Atlantic Carrier Transicold 3053.3Kms Moncton, New Brunswick Miller Auto Climas S de RL de CV 3054.4Kms Chihuahua, Chihuahua Michael's Refrigeration 3065.3Kms Montgomery, Alabama MCT Companies 3083.1Kms Garner, North Carolina Virginia Trailer and Truck Body, Inc. 3102.0Kms Chesapeake, Virginia Truck & Trailer of Macon, Inc. 3132.3Kms Macon, Georgia MCT Companies 3134.9Kms Columbia, South Carolina MCT Companies 3163.1Kms Florence, South Carolina MHC Carrier Transicold 3169.8Kms Saint Rose, Louisiana MHC Carrier Transicold 3174.7Kms Mobile, Alabama Atlantic Carrier Transicold 3194.1Kms Truro, Nova Scotia Tractoremolques del Noroeste ML Taller de Refrigeración 3200.4Kms Cd. Obregón, Sonora Tri-State RFG, LLC 3212.5Kms Dothan, Alabama W & B Service Company 3217.6Kms Laredo, Texas Atlantic Carrier Transicold 3224.9Kms Dartmouth, Nova Scotia MHC Carrier Transicold 3246.6Kms Statesboro, Georgia W & B Service Company 3387.9Kms Pharr, Texas W & B Service Company 3402.5Kms Harlingen, Texas Miller Auto Climas S de RL de CV 3405.7Kms GOMEZ PALACIO, Durango Frío Servicio de Monterrey, S.A. de C.V 3423.2Kms Monterrey, Nuevo León Friser Juárez 3427.9Kms Juarez, Nuevo León Sunbelt Transport Refrigeration 3449.6Kms Jacksonville, Florida Thermovil del Pacifico, S.A. de C.V. 3488.4Kms Culiacán, Sinaloa Sunbelt Transport Refrigeration 3657.7Kms Orlando, Florida Sunbelt Transport Refrigeration 3660.0Kms Tampa, Florida Atlantic Carrier Transicold 3697.3Kms Paradise, Newfoundland Sunbelt Transport Refrigeration 3802.1Kms Fort Pierce, Florida Sunbelt Transport Refrigeration 3820.3Kms Fort Myers, Florida CoolCare Solutions S.A. de C.V. 3827.7Kms Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes Sunbelt Transport Refrigeration 3887.1Kms West Palm Beach, Florida CoolCare Solutions S.A. de C.V. 3912.6Kms León, Guanajuato Reefer Cool, Inc. 3944.0Kms Davie, Florida Refrigeración Especializada para el Transporte de Occidente, S.A. de C.V. 3949.5Kms Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Refrigeración Especializada para el Transporte de Occidente, S.A. de C.V. 3960.3Kms Tlaquepaque, Jalisco Sunbelt Transport Refrigeration 3964.0Kms Miami, Florida Refriservicio y Aire Acondicionado Para el Transporte, S.A. de C.V 3985.0Kms Querétaro, Queretaro Refriservicio y Aire Acondicionado Para el Transporte, S.A. de C.V 4098.1Kms Cuautitlán Izcalli, Mexico Refriservicio y Aire Acondicionado Para el Transporte, S.A. de C.V 4132.4Kms México, D. F., Mexico Refriaire del Sureste S.A. de C.V. 4387.1Kms Villahermosa, Tabasco KAPP ehf 4407.5Kms 203 Kopavogur, Iceland Kapp EHF 4439.0Kms Thorlakshofn, Iceland Refrigeración y Transporte, S.A. de C.V. 4777.9Kms San Pedro Sula, Honduras Autofrío Importaciones, S.A 4813.3Kms Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala Refritrans El Salvador, S.A. de C.V. 4938.4Kms San Salvador, El Salvador Maritima Dominicana S.A.S. 5033.5Kms Santiago de los Caballeros, Republica Dominicana Maritima Dominicana, S.A.S. 5170.7Kms Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana Delta Termicos de Nicaragua, S.A 5188.4Kms Managua, Nicaragua Maritima Dominicana S.A.S 5229.8Kms Republica Dominicana Kringelen Maskinservice AS 5356.5Kms Sortland, Norway Transporte Sonnell 5360.7Kms Corozal, Puerto Rico Transporte Sonnell LLC 5360.7Kms Corozal, Puerto Rico NORHEIM KJOLESERVICE 5402.7Kms Storsteinnes, Norway Team Verksted Holding 5430.9Kms Alta, Norway TEAM VERKSTED NORD AS 5451.0Kms Bodo, Norway Norsk Scania AS Avd. Lakselv 5458.5Kms Lakselv, Norway Clima Ideal, S.A 5487.0Kms San Jose, Costa Rica Industrikulde AS 5488.0Kms Tana , Norway NAKKEN KJOLESERVICE 5645.9Kms Andalsnes, Norway TIP Trailer Services ANS, avd Trondheim 5667.6Kms Heimdal, Norway TUNGBILSERVICE AG 5684.6Kms Sande i Sunnfjord, Norway CARRIER TRANSICOLD ABERDEEN 5723.9Kms Aberdeen, , United Kingdom ColdTruck Solutions, S.A 5732.2Kms Panama, Panama CARRIER TRANSICOLD EAST SCOTLAND 5741.8Kms Kinross , Ireland CARRIER TRANSICOLD SOUTH & CENTRAL SCOTLANDGOW 5749.0Kms Motherwell, Ireland TERMO SENTERET AS Avd Vestland 5751.3Kms Blomsterdalen, Norway CARRIER NORTHERN IRELAND 5764.0Kms Co Down, Ireland TECHNICAL SUPPORT SERVICES LTD 5791.5Kms Limerick, Ireland Djärv Kyl AB Luleå 5805.7Kms Luleå, Sweden GUADELOUPE FROID ROUTIER SERVICE 5811.8Kms Abymes, France ODENSKOGS TVÄTT & SMÖRJHALLAR AB 5817.7Kms Östersund, Sweden TECHNICAL SUPPORT SERVICES LTD 5835.0Kms Dublin 15, Ireland CARRIER TRANSICOLD CUMBRIA 5857.1Kms Longtown, United Kingdom DJARV KYL AB 5858.0Kms Skelleftea, Sweden TERMO SENTERET AS, Avd Rogaland 5894.3Kms Sandnes, Norway VOLMAX AS AVD. HAMAR 5907.0Kms Furnes, Norway WESTRUM AS 5908.3Kms Ingeberg, Norway DJARV KYL AB 5913.6Kms Umea, Sweden MEKANER OY 5943.7Kms Kempele, Finland CARRIER NORTHERN 5947.8Kms Peterlee, United Kingdom Kjølegutta as 5971.7Kms Lierskogen, Norway TRANSREP AS 5979.1Kms Bjerke, Norway Team Termo Oslo 5979.3Kms Oslo, Norway CARRIER TRANSICOLD NORTHWEST 5989.4Kms Knowsley, United Kingdom CARAÏBES FROID 5995.2Kms Fort De France, France TIP Trailer Services ANS avd. Vestby 6006.2Kms Vestby, Norway CARRIER NORTHERN 6014.0Kms Oldham, United Kingdom VOLMAX AS BORGESKOGEN 6019.1Kms Stokke, Norway Volmax Rygge 6023.9Kms Rygge, Norway KYLMAHUOLTO T PELTOKORPI 6029.3Kms Toholampi, Finland Norsk Tungbilservice AS 6029.5Kms Råde , Norway RAMSTADLOKKA AUTO AS 6030.5Kms Mysen, Norway TERMO SENTERET AS AVD AGDER 6035.1Kms Arendal, Norway CARRIER TRANSICOLD SOUTH & WEST YORKSHIRE 6064.3Kms Maltby, United Kingdom CARRIER TRANSICOLD EAST & NORTH YORKSHIRE 6074.7Kms Hull, United Kingdom BILMETRO LASTBILAR 6083.1Kms Borlänge, Sweden KONEPALVELU LAMMI 6084.3Kms Seinäjoki, Finland CARRIER TRANSICOLD WEST MIDLANDS 6110.9Kms Tamworth, United Kingdom BILMETRO LASTBILAR 6116.4Kms Gävle, Sweden BIL & KYLTJÄNST AB 6119.9Kms Karlstad, Sweden CARRIER TRANSICOLD SOUTHERN 6128.6Kms Caerphilly, United Kingdom CARRIER TRANSICOLD CORNWALL 6152.1Kms Bodmin, Cornwall, United Kingdom TIP Trailer Services 6156.3Kms Hirtshals, Denmark CARRIER TRANSICOLD LINCOLNSHIRE 6163.6Kms Pinchbeck, United Kingdom BR. JONSSONS KYLSERVICE AB 6176.1Kms Trollhattan, Sweden CARRIER TRANSICOLD EAST MIDLANDS 6178.2Kms Northampton, United Kingdom Trucktech 6183.5Kms Örebro, Sweden MAN Nordjylland 6191.9Kms Frederikshavn, Denmark MALTE MANSSON 6194.1Kms Västeras, Sweden AO LASTBILSVERKSTAD AB 6196.2Kms Örebro, Sweden KYLMÄKONEHUOLTO KUUSISTO OY 6201.8Kms Kuopio, Finland Trucktech 6202.3Kms Örebro, Sweden MAN LAST & BUS A/S 6204.1Kms Svenstrup, Denmark UPPSALA KAROSSERI BR 6210.9Kms Uppsala, Sweden TJ Truck Service APS 6211.3Kms Holstebro, Denmark 570 000 i GOTEBORG AB 6212.2Kms Göteborg, Sweden REFRIGO 6212.4Kms Jyväskylä, Finland BMC Transportkylservice AB 6213.2Kms Enköping, Sweden Malte Månson Verkstäder AB 6226.6Kms Tibro, Sweden FLEXMECH 6235.1Kms Pirkkala / Tampere, Finland PESA-SERVICE OY 6236.4Kms Huittinen, Finland Servicexperten Buss & Lastbil I Sverige AB 6253.5Kms Vallentuna, Sweden CARRIER TRANSICOLD SOUTH 6254.2Kms Bracknell, United Kingdom SVENSK KYLINDUSTRI AB 6271.2Kms Mantorp, Sweden Servicexperten Transportbil Nordic AB 6272.3Kms Årsta, Sweden BMC Transportkylservice 6274.4Kms Tumba, Sweden RASKASPARI OY 6277.3Kms Joensuu, Finland CARRIER TRANSICOLD EASTERN 6284.5Kms Colchester, United Kingdom ESBJERG TRAILER SERVICE 6288.2Kms Esbjerg, Denmark Skeppsbrons i Jönköping AB 6288.6Kms Jönköping, Sweden BMC TRANSPORTKYLSERVICE 6288.7Kms Jordbro, Sweden TURUN THERMOHUOLTO OY 6294.8Kms Lieto, Finland ESBJERG TRAILER SERVICE 6304.9Kms Vejle, Denmark ALK-LAITE KY 6305.6Kms Mikkeli, Finland RASKASPARI OY 6306.9Kms Mikkeli, Finland MAN LAST & BUS A/S 6318.8Kms Kolding, Denmark SM-Transportkylservice AB 6340.6Kms Halmstad, Sweden THERMO-TEK OY 6344.2Kms Nastola, Finland SARL E.F.S. 29 6346.1Kms Landivisiau, France CARRIER TRANSICOLD SOUTH EAST 6350.0Kms Ashford, United Kingdom CARRIER TRANSICOLD SOUTH WEST & WALES 6350.0Kms Kinross, United Kingdom Servicios Refrigerados Logísticos S.A.S 6368.7Kms Cundinamarca, Cajicá AUTO-KYLMÄ P. HÅLLMAN 6373.3Kms Kouvola, Finland CARRIER TRANSICOLD SCANDINAVIA A/S 6376.0Kms Padborg, Denmark Malte Månson Verkstäder AB 6386.8Kms Växjö, Sweden HELSINGIN AUTOKYLMA 6394.2Kms Helsinki, Finland SM Transportkylservice AB 6397.6Kms Helsingborg, Sweden CARRIER TRANSICOLD NETHERLANDS B.V. 6398.3Kms Beverwijk, Netherlands CARRIER TRANSICOLD NETHERLANDS B.V. 6399.7Kms Drachten, Netherlands CT Netherlands Noordwijk 6411.4Kms Noordwijk, Netherlands TIP Trailer Services A/S 6411.9Kms Taastrup, Denmark EMERAUDE FROID SERVICE 6416.4Kms Yffiniac, France DANSK KOLE SERVICE APS 6416.7Kms Greve, Denmark BOULOGNE FROID SERVICES 6420.3Kms Outreau, France CARRIER TRANSICOLD NETHERLANDS B.V. 6422.0Kms Amstelveen, Netherlands TRANSPORTKOELING MAASDIJK 6425.2Kms Maasdijk, Netherlands CARRIER TRANSICOLD NETHERLANDS B.V. 6429.3Kms Zoetermeer, Netherlands LAURENT REFRIGERATION TRANSPORT 6437.7Kms Saint-Lô, France CARRIER TRANSICOLD NETHERLANDS B.V. 6438.7Kms Hoogvliet, Netherlands Malte Månson Verkstäder AB 6440.0Kms Önnestad, Sweden BMJ MOBILKYLSERVICE AB 6442.2Kms Malmö, Sweden BIL & MARIN ELEKTRISKA AB 6442.4Kms Malmö, Sweden EFS 56 6444.4Kms Kervignac, France Carrier Transicold Netherlands 6451.6Kms Hoogeveen, Netherlands KEHS Transportkühlung & Nutzfahrzeugtechnik GmbH 6456.4Kms Kiel, Germany WESTCOOL BVBA 6462.1Kms Hooglede-Gits, Belgium Van de Krol European Trailer Care 6463.0Kms Barneveld, Netherlands W TIEMANN GmbH & Co KG 6467.6Kms Bremerhaven, Germany HEERING B.V. 6467.9Kms Vaassen, Netherlands LAURENT SERVICES 6468.1Kms Giberville, France FOILPOINT LLC 6468.8Kms Tallinn, Estonia DOES TRANSPORTKOELING B.V. 6470.0Kms Rilland, Netherlands Herman Munderloh Kraftfahrzeuge GmbH & Co. KG 6480.5Kms Oldenburg, Germany NORFRIG SERVICE AB 6481.6Kms Tomelilla, Sweden CARRIER TRANSICOLD BELGIUM BVBA 6485.7Kms Gent, Belgium TRUCK & TRAILER SERVICE HOLTEN B.V. 6487.0Kms Holten, Netherlands CW Transportkälteservice - NFZ Service 6493.7Kms Garrel, Germany CARRIER TRANSICOLD NETHERLANDS B.V. 6495.1Kms Tilburg, Netherlands ATOUT FROID SERVICES 6497.7Kms Lesquin, France AGT BS Invest - EFS 35 6502.8Kms Brece, France CARRIER TRANSICOLD BELGIUM BVBA 6503.0Kms Wommelgem, Belgium ORTMANN AUTO TECHNIK GMBH 6504.0Kms Lingen / Ems, Germany AGT BS Invest - EFS 76 6504.4Kms Rouen, France CARRIER TRANSICOLD NETHERLANDS B.V. 6508.4Kms Veghel, Netherlands ARRAS FROID SERVICE 6509.5Kms Tilloy-Les-Mofflaines, France MAN TRUCK & BUS 6510.7Kms Hamburg, Germany MAN TRUCK UND BUS DEUTSCHLAND GMBH 6511.3Kms Lübeck, Germany Autohaus Werner GmbH 6519.6Kms Weyhe, Germany Eindhovense Radiateuren Fabriek B.V. 6522.1Kms Eindhoven, Netherlands CARRIER TRANSICOLD DEUTSCHLAND GmbH 6522.5Kms Hamburg, Germany ANDERS KRAFTFAHRZEUGE GmbH 6523.8Kms Oyten, Germany Egon Senger GmbH 6525.3Kms Rheine , Germany KAROSSERIE Und FAHRZEUGBAU BÖCKER GMBH 6526.2Kms Lohne, Germany BS Invest - EFS 53 6537.9Kms LAVAL, France MAN TRUCK & BUS 6548.2Kms Rostock, Germany CARRIER TRANSICOLD NETHERLANDS B.V. 6549.9Kms Grubbenvorst, Netherlands Scania Eesti AS Pärnu filiaal 6550.9Kms Parnu, Estonia CARRIER TRANSICOLD BELGIUM BVBA 6555.5Kms Houthalen, Belgium CARRIER TRANSICOLD DEUTSCHLAND GmbH 6560.1Kms Georgsmarienhütte, Germany T. BECAR 6567.0Kms La Coruna, Spain WESTKÄLTE GMBH 6573.1Kms Duisburg, Germany AGT BS Invest - EFS 44 6574.0Kms La Chapelle Sur Erdre, France TKS KNEMEYER GmbH 6578.8Kms Versmold, Germany AUTO CENTER GRIMMEN GMBH & CO 6581.0Kms Grimmen, Germany FCA HAUTS-DE-France 6587.6Kms Chauny, France FROID ET APPLICATIONS 6588.2Kms Chauny, France REFRICAR S.A. 6595.0Kms Herstal, Belgium EFS 72 - Emeraude Froid Service 72 6595.3Kms ARNAGE, France FAHRZEUGKAELTE DORTMUND GMBH 6596.6Kms Dortmund, Germany Senger Südwestfalen GmbH 6600.8Kms Rheda Wiedenbrück, Germany CD Froid Angers 6602.3Kms Angers, France TRANSPORTKÜHLUNG HANNOVER GMBH 6604.8Kms Hannover - Langenhagen, Germany KARL PLÖGER GMBH 6607.4Kms Oerlinhausen, Germany SARL Equipement Carrosserie Climatisation 6613.7Kms Chartres, France AGT BS Invest EFS 77 6614.8Kms Mitry Mory, France EIGRO TRANSPORTKÄLTE GMBH 6619.0Kms Köln, Germany AGT BS Invest - EFS 91 6624.3Kms Wissous, France CD Froid 85 La Roche Sur Yon 6632.4Kms Les Essarts en bocage, France FRIGPRIGICOS ALFONSO 6637.6Kms LUGO, Spain EIGRO TRANSPORTKÄLTE GMBH 6655.9Kms Rheinbach, Germany ELECTRO REFRIGERATION DEL NOROESTE SL 6657.3Kms MOS, Spain CD FROID TOURS 6663.8Kms Tours, France SARL Equipement Carrosserie Climatisation 6673.1Kms Ingre, France FROID CHAMPAGNE ARDENNE 6686.2Kms La Veuve, France HOSFRI ORENSE 6687.0Kms Pereiro de Aguilar (Ourense), Spain COLDTRANS SERVISS 6688.2Kms RIGA, Latvia CD Froid La Rochelle 6691.0Kms Perigny, France EIGRO TRANSPORTKÄLTE GMBH 6692.9Kms Andernach , Germany HÖFER GMBH 6700.3Kms Bendorf, Germany THERMO TECHNICA 6706.6Kms Szczecin, Poland Nutzfahrzeuge & Service GmbH Co. KG 6710.9Kms Osterweddingen, Germany LA RUEDA, S.L. 6711.1Kms Asturias, Spain CD FROID 79 6712.7Kms La Crêche, France JSC SADOMAKSA 6714.0Kms Klaipeda, Lithuania TRUCK & BUS SERVICE SARL 6719.2Kms LIVANGE, Luxembourg Esquimofrio 6731.3Kms Lousado, Portugal FCA HAUTS-DE-France 6741.0Kms Troyes, France ECOTERM S.C. 6750.1Kms Gdansk, Poland EIGRO TRANSPORTKALTE Berlin GmbH 6751.2Kms Großbeeren, Germany CD FROID 17 6753.2Kms Les Gonds, France FCA METZ-LORRAINE 6754.7Kms Woippy, France NTA Süd Nuhn Transportkälte GmbH & Co.KG 6755.4Kms Bad Nauheim, Germany MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland GmbH 6758.9Kms Friedberg, Germany UAB Scania Lietuva 6759.2Kms Siauliai, Lithuania CARRIER TRANSICOLD DEUTSCHLAND GmbH 6766.1Kms Wildau, Germany Costa & Reis 6771.0Kms Ovar, Portugal SARL Equipment Carrosserie Climatisation 6773.6Kms Bourges, France METZINGER GMBH 6780.8Kms Saarbrücken, Germany TECNOFRIO LEON S.L 6783.0Kms Léon, Spain Grimm & Partner Fahrzeugbau GmbH&Co.KG 6785.4Kms Erfurt, Germany CD FROID 16 Angouleme 6791.6Kms Champniers, France Reparaciones frigoríficas Cantabria 6794.6Kms Peñacastillo, Spain Tófrio - Frio Industrial, Unip. Lda. 6800.3Kms LAMEGO, Portugal THERMO TECHNICA 6802.1Kms Slubice, Poland CARRIER TRANSICOLD DEUTSCHLAND GmbH 6804.5Kms Leipzig , Germany FCA NANCY-LORRAINE 6805.7Kms Ludres, France THILO HUPE FAHRZEUG - KUHL - HEIZ & HEBETECHNIK 6808.7Kms Suhl, Germany UAB "Siaures Lokys" 6813.5Kms Panevezys, Lithuania CARRIER TRANSICOLD DEUTSCHLAND GmbH 6814.9Kms Heppenheim, Germany TECNILEMOS 6817.2Kms Viseu, Portugal Frigiton – Frio Industrial, Unip Lda 6828.8Kms Tondela , Portugal RAFAEL & FILHOS, LDA 6833.8Kms Ribeira De Frades, Portugal CD FROID LIMOGES 6835.1Kms Limoges, France JOSE AUGUSTO 6837.1Kms Antanhol, Portugal APPLIC FROID SARL 6838.2Kms Begles, France Auto Electro Picotense, Lda 6845.5Kms Souto da Carpalhosa , Portugal AUTO ELECTRO 6848.2Kms Valle de Trapaga, Spain STAIGER NUTZFAHRZEUGE GMBH 6857.2Kms Karlsdorf, Germany Schneider Nutzfahrzeug Service GmbH 6868.7Kms Nossen, Germany HARTMANN TRANSPORTKALTE 6869.4Kms Kitzingen, Germany JSC SADOMAKSA 6869.5Kms Kaunas, Lithuania SZRON SYSTEM 6870.2Kms Zielona Gora, Poland RÜLKE KUHLANLAGEN GmbH 6871.8Kms Zwickau , Germany FCA ALSACE (67) Strasbourg 6872.9Kms Holtzheim, France HTR FRYDENBERG, STANIEWICZ SP. J. 6876.3Kms Dabrowka, Poland AUTOHAUS R WEILBACHER GmbH 6880.9Kms Heilbronn, Germany Dittloff Kältetechnik & Transportkühlung 6881.4Kms Ottendorf - Okrilla, Germany FRIG'EST 6881.5Kms Fauverney, France DBK Sp. z.o.o. TORUN 6884.6Kms Torun, Poland FROST SYSTEMS 6885.6Kms Jasin, Poland Truck Nord Center 6887.4Kms Lubicz Górny, Poland APPLIC FROID 6888.6Kms Castets Des Landes, France MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland GmbH 6893.1Kms Schutterwald, Germany Raben Truck Service 6894.0Kms Gadki , Poland T MUNOZ ROBLEÑO 6898.3Kms BURGOS, Spain Frio Muñoz Ortega 6902.0Kms Vitoria (Alava), Spain CD FROID BRIVE 6902.3Kms Brive-La-Gaillarde, France AKV Transport-Kälte-Zentrum GmbH 6905.7Kms Möglingen, Germany ELECTRO FRIO-BEHOBIA SL 6906.7Kms IRUN, Spain AGT AZUR TRUCK FROID (63) GERZAT 6908.7Kms Gerzat, France MVSERVICE- Micael & Vera, Refrigeração de Transportes, Lda 6909.1Kms Carregado, Portugal Frio Valladolid 6910.1Kms VALLADOLID, Spain Stegmaier Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH Co. KG 6913.1Kms Kirchberg/Jagst, Germany Frio Falcão, Lda 6914.0Kms Castelo Branco , Portugal FrioGlacial, Lda 6914.6Kms Agualva -Cacém , Portugal Electroclima Salamanca S.L.U. 6915.9Kms CASTELLANOS DE MORISCOS, Spain FRINDUS FRIO INDUSTRIAL IDA 6916.3Kms S. Domingos De Rana, Portugal FRANKENKÄLTE FAHRZEUGKÜHLUNG OHG 6918.7Kms Erlangen, Germany FRIG'EST 6920.9Kms Thise, France Schmolck GmbH & Co. KG 6922.2Kms Emmendingen, Germany TKV Stuttgart Transportkühlmaschinen Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH 6927.5Kms Filderstadt, Germany Route A4 6927.6Kms Zgorzelec, Poland TOMAS CERNIK 6929.2Kms Chlumec u Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic REICHENBACH BOSCH SERVICE - Inh Thomas Selzer 6931.1Kms Freiburg, Germany JSC Sadomaksa Ltd 6942.2Kms Vilniaus reg, Lithuania ETS PETRACCO 6950.6Kms Bon Encontre, France LIEB KG 6956.0Kms Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany AGT AZUR TRUCK FROID (01) ST CYR SUR MENTHON 6961.2Kms Saint Cyr Sur Menthon , France E.F.Behobia NAVARRA 6967.3Kms Imarcoain, Spain AGT HYDROLEC SERVICES (15) AURILLAC 6967.9Kms Ytrac, France NEF TRUCKCENTER AG 6970.7Kms Frenkendorf, Switzerland BEARN FRIGO ROUTE 6974.6Kms Lons, France COOLMAR GMBH 6980.3Kms Langenau, Germany T. FELIX 6985.5Kms San Adrian, Spain CAMIONREP AG STUDEN 6989.9Kms Studen, Switzerland Fröhlich Transklima AG 6992.0Kms Egerkingen, Switzerland TRANSCOLD AG 6992.8Kms Härkingen, Switzerland Fröhlich Transklima AG 6999.3Kms Hunzenschwil, Switzerland S7 Serwis 7004.9Kms Zakroczym, Poland Volvo Group (Suisse) SA - Truck Center Aclens 7005.4Kms Aclens, Switzerland AGT PETRACCO (82) MONTAUBAN 7005.8Kms Campsas, France SERVIS CHLAZENI S.R.O 7006.3Kms Losiná, Czech Republic Chalzeni Plzen 7006.3Kms Losiná, Czech Republic PROCHLOD 7006.6Kms Dlugoleka, Poland C.S.CARGO a.s. - divize Truck Point 7009.3Kms Jicin, Czech Republic Fröhlich Transklima AG 7010.0Kms Rümlang, Switzerland PHILIPPE ANGELOZ SA 7011.4Kms Fribourg, Switzerland AZUR TRUCKS FROID 7011.4Kms SAINT-ETIENNE, France T. LUIS VIDAL 7011.9Kms Alfaro, Spain MERCEDES-BENZ AUTOMOBIL AG 7012.0Kms Schlieren, Switzerland Werner GEHRIG 7012.1Kms Rudolfstetten, Switzerland TTR Transport Technik Regensburg GmbH 7012.1Kms Regenstauf, Germany AGT AZUR TRUCK FROID 69 CORBAS 7014.6Kms Corbas, France LARAG SA SATIGNY 7015.3Kms Meyrin, Switzerland FRANKENKÄLTE FAHRZEUGKÜHLUNG OHG 7016.5Kms Regensburg, Germany FAHRZEUGTECHNIK ARETSRIED GMBH 7021.4Kms Aretsried, Germany BS – Transportni chlazeni spol. s r.o. 7021.5Kms Nupaky, Czech Republic PETRACCO 31 7024.2Kms Saint Jory, France MAVIS 7026.6Kms Kleosin, Poland FROID ROUTIER SERVICE Rodez 7026.9Kms Ste Radegonde, France KLIM-ART 7027.2Kms Czyzew, Poland ROTTAL AUTO AG 7028.5Kms Ruswil, Switzerland FAHRZEUGTECHNIK ARETSRIED GMBH 7028.9Kms Memmingen, Germany BURGER Transport, s.r.o 7029.0Kms Libice n.C, Czech Republic COOLTRANS AG 7032.0Kms Rothenburg, Switzerland FRIGOTECH 7038.8Kms PRUSZKÓW, Poland 81 PETRACCO 7042.8Kms Albi, France TB TRUCK & TRAILER SERWIS - RZGOW 7044.1Kms Rzgow, Poland AGT AZUR TRUCK FROID (74) SEYNOD 7046.8Kms Seynod, France EMIL FREY AG 7047.1Kms Gossau, Switzerland SCANIA POLSKA SA 7049.8Kms Nadarzyn, Poland T. PELAEZ 7057.0Kms Parcela, Spain GARAGE SAURER S.A. 7070.8Kms Conthey, Switzerland THERMOPLEX 7071.4Kms Tomaszow Mazowiecki, Poland SIBERIAM FRIO INDUSTRIAL CENTRO 7072.1Kms Coslada, Spain STEINHAUSER FAHRZEUBAU GMBH & CO KG 7075.0Kms Rankweil, Austria ALFOTRAILER, S.L. 7075.7Kms Almendralejo, Spain Centro Tecnico Frio Pinto SL 7079.9Kms Pinto, Spain CARRIER TRANSICOLD DEUTSCHLAND GmbH 7085.9Kms Forstinning, Germany BS – Transportni chlazeni spol. s r.o. 7087.9Kms Vysoke Myto, Czech Republic GARAGE SAURER S.A. 7088.0Kms Visp, Switzerland DURAND SERVICES 7089.6Kms Saint Egreve, France PUE BELTRANSKHOLOD 7091.5Kms Minsk Region, Belarus CR Plus s.r.o 7091.7Kms Humpolec, Czech Republic SIBERIAM EQUIPOS, SL 7093.7Kms CIEMPOZUELO, Spain POLIFRET ZARAGOZA 7094.7Kms Zaragoza, Spain MAYER AG 7105.0Kms Trimmis, Switzerland TK Supply Inh. 7106.9Kms Bichl, Germany Transport Klima,s.r.o. 7109.8Kms Ceske Budejovice , Czech Republic Nicotrans a.s. 7112.8Kms Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic FROID ROUTIER SERVICE - Montelimar 7113.4Kms Chateauneuf Du Rhone, Montelimar, France COOLMAR 7120.1Kms Miedzyrzec Podlaski, Poland ALVARO PIEDADE, LDA 7123.3Kms Quarteira, Portugal NEDPOL TRUCK SERVICE Sp z.o.o. 7123.9Kms Kamienica Polska, Poland JV Kurs LLC 7138.9Kms Brest, Belarus FREECOLD S.R.O 7147.4Kms Opava, Czech Republic FROID ROUTIER SERVICE Beziers 7150.0Kms Beziers, France REISCHL KFZ-TECHNIK GMBH 7151.2Kms Innsbruck, Austria AUTO SA TICINO 7152.9Kms Mezzovico, Switzerland FROID ROUTIER SERVICE - Montpellier 7155.3Kms Lattes, Montpellier, France Servo Cool 7157.0Kms Katowice, Poland AUTOTERM BECICA & SEMBERA S.R.O. 7159.0Kms Olomouc, Czech Republic FROID ROUTIER SERVICE 7159.8Kms Caissargues Village, France REISCHL KFZ-TECHNIK GMBH 7164.4Kms Wals, Austria STATION FRIGORIFIQUE - M.I.N. AVIGNON 7168.3Kms Avignon, France BARNEAUD TRUCKS 7168.7Kms Gap, France T. CAMARINA 7173.3Kms Huelva, Spain Frigocar s.r.o. 7176.6Kms Horni Herspice, Czech Republic ELECTROAUTO 7178.1Kms Lerida, Spain CARRIER TRANSICOLD AUSTRIA GMBH 7179.3Kms Sankt Florian, Austria SERVO COOL Sp z.o.o. 7184.5Kms Pszczyna, Poland FROID ROUTIER SERVICE 7188.0Kms Perpignan, France Zingarelli s.r.l. 7188.5Kms Settimo Torinese TO,, Italy BURY Sp z.o.o 7189.7Kms Lublin, Poland ELECTROFRIO O. ZARATE . 7207.8Kms MANZANARES, Spain SCANIA POLSKA S.A. KRAKOW 7211.6Kms Kraków, Poland Milano Point srl 7216.7Kms Milan, Italy ELECTROFRIO LA RED 7220.5Kms ALCALA DE GUADAIRA, Spain TRANSFRIGO SERVICE SRL 7223.3Kms Trezzano Sul Naviglio, Italy Servo Cool 7223.8Kms Głogoczów, Poland AZUR TUCK FROID 04 7225.6Kms Manosque, France Servitruck 2020, S.L. 7227.2Kms Barcelona, Spain AGT AZUR TRUCK FROID 13 AIX EN PROVENCE 7233.6Kms Aix-En-Provence, France D & G SERVICE SRL 7235.2Kms Chiuduno-BG, Italy T. CAZORLA 7235.5Kms Córdoba, Spain FRIDIEL ABRERA 7248.7Kms Abrera, Spain REFRIAUTO 7252.0Kms AIGUAVIVA (GIRONA), Spain PROCAR a.s. 7252.1Kms Žilina, Slovakia SERVEI ELECTRIC AUTOMOCIO S.L 7252.4Kms TERRASSA - BARCELONA, Spain SIMMER 7255.4Kms Barcelona, Spain TEICAR 7255.7Kms Amposta, Spain ALE FRI 7256.1Kms Castelnuovo Scrivia (AL), Italy TERMODYNAMIKA 7264.2Kms Debica, Poland T.M.E. Auto-Handia 7266.5Kms Guarroman, Spain CARRIER TRANSICOLD AUSTRIA GMBH 7270.4Kms Laxenburg, Austria SERVITRANS MANTENIMIENTOS, S.L.U. 7270.8Kms PUERTO DE SANTA MARIA - CADIZ, Spain FRIDIEL SL 7272.1Kms CORNELLA, Spain Froid Routier Cote D'Azur 7277.2Kms Brignoles, France WW Wanicki Sp. z o. o. 7277.4Kms Trzciana, Poland GXB s.r.o 7284.3Kms Pezinok, Slovakia MARTIMAR MOTOR, S.L. 7284.6Kms Albacete, Spain VILAFRED, S.L. 7290.2Kms Almassora, Spain PROCAR a.s 7294.3Kms Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia SERFRI 7294.4Kms Jaén, Spain FROID ROUTIER Cote D'Azur 7295.8Kms Saint Laurent Du Var, France TITTL s.r.o. 7296.1Kms Bratislava, Slovakia FRISCAR SRL 7302.9Kms Villafranca Di Verona, Italy TT SERVICE SRL 7303.4Kms Marostica (VI), Italy TRUCK FRIGO 7303.8Kms Genova, Italy Indufret Valencia 7311.3Kms Valencia, Spain RAUL ADAN AGUIAR RODRIGUEZ 7311.8Kms La Palma, Spain ECHOS s.r.o. 7313.6Kms Banská Bystrica, Slovakia PRIMACLIMA, a.s. 7314.6Kms Nitra, Slovakia CARFRIGO SNC 7316.8Kms Santa Lucia Di Piave, Italy FIBERGLAS REPARACIONES 7322.8Kms Antequera, Spain COLD POINT SRL 7324.9Kms Castelguelfo, Italy PIESCHL TRANSPORTKUHLUNG & AUTOELEKTRIK e.U. 7330.2Kms Klagenfurt, Austria INDUFRET SL 7337.6Kms L'Alcudia, Spain CARRIER TRANSICOLD AUSTRIA GMBH 7340.0Kms Kalsdorf bei Graz , Austria REMASFRI MALAGA 7352.9Kms Malaga, Spain AUTO DISTRIBUCION ILLIBERIS 7353.3Kms Peligros (Granada), Spain SOFRIAL 7355.4Kms ALGECIRAS, Spain REFCOLD SRL 7356.1Kms Porpetto UD, Italy ELECTRO FRIO MOTOR, S.L. 7358.3Kms Malaga, Spain Transcool servis s.r.o. 7365.1Kms Prešov , Slovakia VENTEC MAROC 7367.4Kms Tanger, Morocco FRIMAG D.O.O. 7368.2Kms Kranj, Slovenia Transholod Zahid Ltd 7370.9Kms Rivne region, Ukraine Auto Distribución Illiberis 7371.9Kms Guadix, Spain TEAMTRAILER, SL 7373.8Kms Gandía, Spain TRANSKHOLOD-LVIV Ltd 7374.9Kms Lvov, Ukraine FRIGOTRANSPORT PIESK & HSF d.o.o. 7398.8Kms CELJE, Slovenia REFRITRANS 2001, S.L. 7399.9Kms LORQUI, Spain TRANSFROID SERVICES 7402.7Kms Cayenne, France MAJUMA MOTOR 7403.0Kms Motril, Spain JÉG SAS KLÍMA KFT 7404.9Kms Zalaegerszeg, Hungary FRIO TRANSUR SL 7411.8Kms SAN GONERA LA SECA, Spain POLIFRET SAL 7412.3Kms ALICANTE, Spain Polifret San Isidro 7413.0Kms San Isidro (Alicante), Spain MANFRIAUTO 7423.8Kms Tenerife, Spain Rapid Teherautó Szerviz kft 7444.2Kms Dunaharaszti, Hungary LOREMAR FRED 7444.6Kms VICAR - ALMERIA, Spain Friocarroceias Europa 7445.4Kms Vera, Spain CUBERO 2.0 C.B 7457.7Kms San Antonio, Ibiza, Spain Multipartner d.o.o 7458.6Kms Kukuljanovo , Croatia T. MOREY 7458.9Kms Palma de Mallorca, Spain Ice Point srl 7462.6Kms Sesto Fiorentino FI, Italy VENTEC - MAROC SA 7465.7Kms Casablanca, Morocco THERMO SERVICE SNC 7473.8Kms Cesena, Italy HARAMUSTEK D.O.O. 7488.3Kms Rugvica, Croatia T. PONS SEGUI 7493.1Kms Es Mercadal, Spain FROID ROUTIER CORSE 7493.7Kms Bastia, France Robi-Mobil Hungaria KFT 7508.8Kms Kecskemet, Hungary TRANSKHOLOD 7521.1Kms Kiev, Ukraine Radiadores Paco 7523.1Kms Agüimes, Las Palmas, Spain SAT POIDS LOURDS SERVICES 7529.1Kms Sarrola , France Coolserviz KFT 7531.5Kms Cserkút, Hungary AUTOMOVILIDAD JRCLIMA, S.L. 7535.2Kms Lanzarote, Spain Vicalclima SL 7557.8Kms Fuerteventura, Spain VENTEC - MAROC SA 7565.7Kms Fes Ville Nouvelle, Morocco AUTOGRAMAR SRL 7579.1Kms Bihor, Romania LIDER HOLOD 7579.9Kms Vinnitsa, Ukraine Expert Mobil Frigo Kft 7584.7Kms Szeged, Hungary FRIGO AER TERMICA SNC 7585.0Kms Perugia, Italy SKOJO D.O.O. 7601.4Kms Osijek, Croatia VENTEC - MAROC SA 7613.0Kms Menara-Gueliz, Morocco DP Zaliv PTP d.o.o 7619.2Kms Crvenka, Serbia VENTEC - MAROC SA 7634.1Kms Agadir, Morocco WES System 7639.8Kms Arad, Romania CARRIER THERMOSERVICE 7658.4Kms Cluj, Romania KAM i BUS d.o.o. Doboj 7659.7Kms Matuzići-Doboj, Bosnia & Herzegovina Truck Service Kazakhstan LLP 7661.5Kms Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan FRIGO POINT 7663.3Kms Monteprandone, Italy TRUCK FRIGO SERVICE 7680.5Kms Fiano Romano, Italy JOLLY AUTOLINE d.o.o 7708.2Kms Deugopolje, Croatia West Balkans Machinery d.o.o 7719.4Kms Šimanovci, Serbia GM ELETTROFRIGO UNIPERSONALE S.R.L. 7719.6Kms SPOLTORE (PE), Italy FRIGOTERM PONTINA 7722.8Kms Roma, Italy TAHOSPECSERVICE Ltd 7725.0Kms Kharkov, Ukraine BRACA CRNOMARKOVIC doo 7728.1Kms Batajnica - Beograd, Serbia MOTOREST EURL 7749.6Kms Alger, Algeria SLT doo 7753.2Kms Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina TERMOSERVICE TRADE SRL 7792.4Kms Fondi, Italy Clima Autos 7802.1Kms Chisinau, Moldova Cross Cargo Logistics SRL 7833.6Kms Chilieni-Ozun, Romania Kostanay Sever Scan 7834.5Kms Druzhba, Kazakhstan Dnipro Service Station 7836.0Kms Novomoskovsk, Ukraine Tas Tech SRL 7842.5Kms Brasov, Romania Altec Service LKW SRL 7851.1Kms Ramnicu Valcea, Romania Fratelli Giamundo di Giamundo Angelo e C. SAS 7888.0Kms San Gennaro Vesuviano (NA), Italy O.M.L. 7898.2Kms San Valentino Torio, Italy DAF Center 7901.9Kms Uralsk,, Kazakhstan FRIG EUROSERV SRL 7908.5Kms Craiovei, Romania Vaias LTD 7910.1Kms Vidin, Bulgaria EXCLUSIVE CAR TRADING SRL 7915.5Kms PRAHOVA, Romania REFHOLOD Ltd 7917.3Kms Nerubaiskoe City, Ukraine FRIGOMAX VUKOVIC 7923.7Kms Podgorica, Montenegro F.LLI LEONE SNC 7937.6Kms Molfetta , Italy CBC-Pavlodar IP., Kutyshev Alexandr 7953.3Kms Pavlodar, Kazakhstan MOTOREST EURL 7954.2Kms Constantine, Algeria COOL UNIT EXPERT S.R.L. 7970.7Kms Ilfov, Romania Termokraft EOOD 8037.0Kms Ruse, Bulgaria SULD UNITED LLC 8043.7Kms Ulaanbaatar city , Mongolia Albascan Trucks and Buses SHPK 8047.9Kms Tirana, Albania Soluciones Ultra Frio SAC 8051.6Kms Callao, Callao MANI dooel 8059.0Kms Skopje, Macedonia Arctic Service Ltd 8063.9Kms Sofia, Bulgaria CBC 8078.4Kms Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan AVTODOM 8081.8Kms Astana, Kazakhstan VIRAZH 8083.2Kms Aqtobe, Kazakhstan COLDEQ 8087.0Kms Ben Arous, Tunisia Autoholod LLP 8091.4Kms Aktobe, Kazakhstan CBC-Trans Aqtobe 8091.4Kms Aqtobe, Kazakhstan TOO M.F.G. 8094.9Kms Zhibek-Zholy village, Kazakhstan Bulfrigo LLC 8098.9Kms Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria AIKOS LLP 8146.8Kms Semey, Kazakhstan MANI DOEL 8157.4Kms Strumica, Macedonia Car Clima EOOD 8161.7Kms Plovdiv, Bulgaria MT FRIGO Ltd 8164.4Kms Varna, Bulgaria Zona Express - Gevgelija 8177.1Kms Gevgelija - Mrzenci, Macedonia MANI SERVICE LTD 8179.8Kms PETRICH, Bulgaria Ivago Bulgaria Ltd 8192.2Kms Jambol, Bulgaria GEORGIADIS GEORGIOS 8220.2Kms NAOUSSA , Greece Seal LTD 8227.1Kms Burgas, Bulgaria SOTTOZERO SaS 8236.7Kms Catania, Italy VIRAZH 8238.4Kms Karaganda, Kazakhstan CT SERVICE 8242.5Kms Thessaloniki, Greece STATHIS 8246.1Kms Thessaloniki, Greece Pará Refrigeração 8247.2Kms Castanhal, Pará SG Truck Service s.r.l.s. 8260.2Kms Vittoria, Italy BURMARRAD COMMERCIALS LTD 8355.4Kms Burmarrad, Malta ASCO SOGUTMA SISTEMLERI 8435.5Kms ATASEHIR / ISTANBUL , Turkey Thermo KIKIRIS Services 8441.4Kms Paralia Patras, Greece THERMOSERVICE PATRAS 8442.6Kms Patras, Greece Sezginler 8500.2Kms Serdivan / SAKARYA, Turkey Yagcilar Oto 8504.6Kms Karacabey / Bursa, Turkey THERMO ENGINEERING SERVICES 8525.1Kms Aspropyrgos, Greece KLIMA KABO IKE 8528.7Kms ASPROPYRGOS, Greece SYSTEMS S.A. 8539.6Kms Rentis, Greece EQUIPMENTS TRUCK SERVICES 8585.7Kms DAKAR, Senegal GUN KLIMA 8616.8Kms Bornova / Izmir, Turkey Yar Sogutma Sistemleri 8626.4Kms Semsun, Turkey SEREF OTOMOTIV 8657.8Kms Etimesgut/Ankara , Turkey Coskun oto klima 8708.2Kms Merkez / Afyon, Turkey RefService 8719.4Kms Aktau, Kazakhstan Kayikcioglu 8753.1Kms Ortahisar/ Trabzon, Turkey Thermo Check Refrigeração 8773.9Kms Vilhena, Rondônia Refrigeração Via Norte 8790.7Kms Colíder, Mato Grosso Termofrio 8801.3Kms Araguaína, Tocantins VAKO Motors 8806.1Kms TBILISI, Georgia K.TRIANTAFYLLAKIS & CO G.P 8863.2Kms IRAKLION, Greece Kardesler Oto 8863.9Kms Kayseri, Turkey Ince Iklimlendirme 8884.4Kms Dosemealtı / Antalya, Turkey Arkadas Otomotiv 8904.8Kms Dosemealti / Antalia , Turkey Hiperfrio 8906.2Kms Teresina, Piauí Piauí Refrigeração 8907.0Kms Teresina, Piauí CBC Trans LLP 8956.0Kms Almaty, Kazakhstan TRANSCOLD DIAGNOSE 8964.4Kms Yerevan, Armenia Refriar 8990.6Kms Lucas do Rio Verde, Mato Grosso Termotrafic LLP 8999.9Kms Taraz, Kazakhstan AZATIKA 9004.3Kms Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan JP Refrigeração 9027.5Kms Fortaleza, Ceará PARLAKYOL 9041.1Kms Akdeniz / Mersin, Turkey CBC - South 9056.0Kms Shymkent, Kazakhstan KAZTRANSHOLODSERVICE 9060.9Kms Shymkent, Kazakhstan Sedar Sogutma 9106.8Kms Akdeniz/Mersin, Turkey POLYNESIE FROID 9131.5Kms Papeete, France Ozcoskun Otomotiv 9150.5Kms Hatay, Turkey TIGER SPRINGS (MANUFACTURES) LTD 9188.7Kms Nicosia, Cyprus Refrigeração Cascavel 9253.5Kms Cuiabá, Mato Grosso MECANIX SAL 9379.3Kms Hazmiyeh, Lebanon TA Refrigeração-MT 9391.7Kms Rondonópolis, Mato Grosso China Refrigeração 9433.7Kms Petrolina, Pernambuco Oficina do Frio 9504.1Kms Queimadas, Paraíba CHISH KOR 9506.7Kms Hadera, Israel DYOCAR LTD 9542.2Kms Kibbutz Givat Hashlosha, Israel Transfrio - PB 9548.1Kms João Pessoa, Paraíba ADR Automotive Trade & Design 9599.0Kms Amman, Jordan MIRACO INTERNATIONAL TRADING 9626.3Kms Giza, Egypt Transfrio - PE 9629.6Kms Recife, Pernambuco Refrine 9633.4Kms Recife, Pernambuco Viena - PE 9643.3Kms Cabo de Santo Agostinho, Pernambuco Thermo Ar-DF 9659.3Kms Brasilia, Distrito Federal Paiva Refrigeração 9662.7Kms Anápolis, Goiás Thermo Ar-GO 9671.9Kms Goiânia, Goiás Heiss Refrigeração-GO 9706.9Kms Rio Verde, Goiás Somarcold Refrigeração 9780.8Kms Feira de Santana, Bahia Azul Refrigeración 9790.0Kms Salta, Salta Gemac 9799.2Kms Campo Grande, Mato Grosso Do Sul ARY KOR 9807.3Kms Eilat, Israel Thermo Vall 2/BA 9847.5Kms Santo Antônio de Jesus, Bahia Thermo Vall/BA 9878.3Kms Simões Filho, Bahia Reeferparts Uberlândia 9941.0Kms Uberlândia, Minas Gerais Gemac II 9967.4Kms Dourados , Mato Grosso Do Sul TA Refrigeração-SP 9975.8Kms Estrela D'Oeste, São Paulo Lepa Refrigeração/MG 10008.6Kms Patos de Minas, Minas Gerais Lepa Refrigeração/SP 10089.4Kms Barretos, São Paulo BADER AL MULLA & BROS. CO.W.L.L. 10205.7Kms Safat, Kuwait Maringá Refrigeração 10211.7Kms Maringá, Paraná Thermolog 10232.8Kms Rolândia, Paraná Reeferparts Betim 10255.9Kms Betim, Minas Gerais Thermogerais 10258.6Kms Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais Heiss Refrigeração - PR 10262.3Kms Toledo, Paraná Furgões Medianeira 10301.9Kms Medianeira, Paraná Cold G A 10324.7Kms Araras, São Paulo Reeferparts Sumaré 10382.9Kms Sumaré, São Paulo Resulfrio 10394.9Kms Dois Vizinhos, Paraná Refrigeração Barracão 10420.2Kms Dionísio Cerqueira, Santa Catarina Viena - SP 10424.0Kms Jundiai, São Paulo Resulfrio Ponta Grossa 10466.1Kms Ponta Grossa, Paraná ADDFRA METAL ENGINEERING AND ADVERTISING LTD. 10474.8Kms DANSOMAN, Ghana Viena (EDS Refrigeração) 10479.1Kms Guarulhos, São Paulo Viena (Thermo Ice) 10496.2Kms Santo André, São Paulo CGS (COLDSTORES GROUP OF SAUDI ARABIA) 10508.7Kms Madina, Saudi Arabia TCC Refrigeracion Ltda 10514.3Kms Santiago, Chile Tecnotrans 10518.4Kms Córdoba, Córdoba Di Pascua Carrocerías 10522.7Kms Guaymallen, Mendoza Viena - SC 10537.6Kms Xaxim, Santa Catarina BR Refrigeração 10548.0Kms Curitiba, Paraná CGS (COLDSTORES GROUP OF SAUDI ARABIA) 10566.9Kms Dammam, Saudi Arabia Thermo Rio 10578.3Kms Rio de Janeiro, Rio De Janeiro Refrigeração Magrão 10591.3Kms Concórdia, Santa Catarina Zé Refrigeração 10607.4Kms Videira, Santa Catarina CGS (COLDSTORES GROUP OF SAUDI ARABIA) 10609.4Kms Sitra-Ma'Ameer, Bahrain CGS (COLDSTORES GROUP OF SAUDI ARABIA) 10675.5Kms Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Fri-Cal-Ven 10687.2Kms Rio Cuarto, Córdoba AGM Refrigeração/RS 10701.2Kms Marau, Rio Grande Do Sul Zimtech 10705.6Kms Itajaí, Santa Catarina ALMANA ENTERPRISES.CO.W.L.L 10735.3Kms Doha, Qatar AL SHIRAWI ENTERPRISES LLC 10751.2Kms Ral Al Khaimah, U.a.e Thermosul/RS 10753.1Kms Santa Maria, Rio Grande Do Sul CGS (COLDSTORES GROUP OF SAUDI ARABIA) 10803.0Kms Jeddah, Saudi Arabia LOMVA SA 10805.3Kms Rosario, Santa Fe AL SHIWARI ENTERPRISES LLC 10809.3Kms Dubai, U.a.e Termobril 10821.9Kms Estrela, Rio Grande Do Sul AL SHIRAWI ENTERPRISES LLC 10838.2Kms Fujairah, U.a.e Alaska II 10850.5Kms Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Ríos AL SHIRAWI ENTERISES LLC 10884.8Kms Abu Dhabi, U.a.e MM Máquinas 10897.8Kms Porto Alegre, Rio Grande Do Sul OMAN GULF ENTREPRISES 10921.1Kms Sohar, Oman Armar Ingeniería 10971.1Kms General Pico, La Pampa ANIS AHMED & BROTHERS 10990.6Kms Karachi, Pakistan OMAN GULF ENTERPRISE LLC 11017.5Kms Barka, Oman Frio Oeste 11031.4Kms Chivilcoy, Buenos Aires OMAN GULF ENTREPRISES 11034.5Kms Muscat, Oman Transfrio Buenos Aires 11036.7Kms Buenos Aires Lito Diesel 11060.3Kms San Justo, Buenos Aires Ariel Flores 11072.2Kms Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires Frost-Center 11077.7Kms Ezeiza, Buenos Aires OMAN GULF ENTREPRISES 11093.9Kms Nizwa, Oman Focante Pablo Luis 11182.8Kms Allen, Rio Negro OMAN GULF ENTERPRISES 11197.3Kms Bani Bu Ali, Oman COOLING CENTER 11244.8Kms Khamis Mushayt, Saudi Arabia Azzurro Refrigeración 11338.4Kms Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires Transfrio 11431.2Kms Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires OMAN GULF ENTREPRISES 11678.0Kms Salalah, Oman Pacific Thermo Technik 11875.6Kms Dumbea, France ASTUNET Business Enterprises PLC 12094.3Kms Addis Ababa, Ethiopia TransKool Refrigeration 13146.5Kms Yarrawonga, Nt Carrier Transicold Australia - Brisbane 13147.3Kms Eagle Farm, Qld ADVANCED REFIGERATION & ELECTRICAL 13606.2Kms Oshakati, Namibia Carrier Transicold Australia - Sydney 13822.4Kms Blacktown, Nsw ATLANTIC REFRIGERATION 14119.5Kms Walvis Bay, Namibia WINDHOEK CONVERSION REFRIGERATION 14121.5Kms Klein Windhoek, Namibia COLD CONTROL 14473.9Kms Harare, Zimbabwe Carrier Transicold Australia - Melbourne 14528.2Kms Derrimut, Vic RTS Refrigeration 14671.1Kms Wingfield, Sa SPRINGBOK AUTO ELECTRICAL 14801.6Kms Springbok, South Africa TEDROCK 14825.4Kms Gaborone, Botswana S.S. STANDER HERSTELWERK 14898.4Kms Upington, South Africa SHIVERS 14964.6Kms Polokwane, South Africa TOPAX WORKSHOP 15054.1Kms Klerksdorp, South Africa AIRMARK 15054.1Kms Bethlehem, South Africa PECSSER JOHANNESBURG 15100.6Kms Boksburg, South Africa REFSATRANS 15127.8Kms Meyerton, South Africa JJ COOLING SERVICES 15131.7Kms Kimberly, South Africa PECSSER NELSPRUIT 15184.3Kms Nelspruit, South Africa PECSSER CAPE TOWN 15194.3Kms Cape Town, South Africa ADD TRUCK & BUS (PTY) LTD 15234.3Kms Worcester, South Africa M L SERVICES 15253.0Kms Bloemfontein, South Africa AK TRUCK & FIELD SERVICES 15306.1Kms Volkstrust, South Africa BEAUFORT WEST REFRIGERATION 15317.7Kms Beaufort West, South Africa FRIONAIS REFRIGERATION 15326.4Kms Maputo, Mozambique JJ & SONS 15345.5Kms Harrismith, South Africa EXOUSIA TRANSPORT REFRIGERATION 15446.0Kms George, South Africa SHIVERSCOOL 15553.5Kms Alton, South Africa PECSSER DURBAN 15583.7Kms Durban, South Africa SPRINTERZONE 15630.4Kms Port Elizabeth, South Africa BD BOSCH 15687.4Kms East London, South Africa TRACS 15803.0Kms Kewdale, Wa Carrosserie Industrielle Bourgault SARL 15819.8Kms Le Port, France
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