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Model: KABAIR 8RT-E, Battery Powered Refrigeration Unit

  • Driven Type: Battery Powered Driven

  • Installation: Split Design with a built-in DC compressor

  • Compressor Options: Capacities of 15cc/r, 18cc/r, or 26cc/r

  • Refrigerant: Uses environmentally friendly refrigerants – R134a/R404a, with a specified quantity of 0.6kg±0.5kg.

  • Application: Designed for use in small refrigerated vans and electric cargo vehicles.


Container Temperature Rating-15℃~+25℃
KABAIR 8-A-RT-E-5℃1100W (3753 BTU/H)
KABAIR 8-B-RT-E-10℃1000W (3400 BTU/H)
Compressor VoltageDC12V / 24V / 48V / 60V / 72V etc.
Control VoltageDC12V
RefrigerantR134a/R404a, 0.6 ~ 0.8kg
ControllerElectronic Digital controller
Built-in Compressor15cc/r, 18cc/r, or 26cc/r
Defrosting FunctionR404a Hot Gas Defrost (Auto. / Man.)
Heating FunctionOptional
mm (in.)
Evaporator610×530×160 (24.01*20.87*6.30)
Condenser865×660×210 (34.05*25.98*8.27)
Suitable for Refrigerated Truck Body2 ~ 2.6m (6.56ft to 8.6ft)
Driven MethodSplit & Rooftop Mounted Battery Driven Unit with Built-in DC Compressor.
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