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  • Perkins 4-cylinder engine
  • Permissible Air Emissions in North America


  • 6-cylinder
  • Displacement: 715cc
  • Double unloader valves
  • Heat exchange system
  • High-efficiency micro-channel condenser
  • High-efficiency plate heat exchanger
  • Rapid and safe cooling
  • Refrigerant: R404A, 7.5kgs
  • 13m long-distance airflow fans for temperature uniformity
  • Intelligent heating system
  • Automatic hot gas heating system

Accessory Features:

  • Hail and other sundry protection nets
  • Reliable mechanical lock and triple lock
  • Aluminium fuel tank
  • Fuel level sensor
  • Installation kits

Optional Functions:

  • Fuel heater
  • Evaporator drain extension pipe
  • Color painting
  • Unit anti-collision protection

High Efficiency Diesel Engine

  • Perkins Original Diesel Engine Tailored for Reefer Trucks:

    • High-efficiency 4-cylinder diesel engine
    • 14.6L lubricating oil capacity

Reliable Transmission

  • Reliable Electromagnetic Clutch
  • Stable Mechanical Transmission Steering Gear

Intelligent Control

  • Rotate Speed Accurate Controller
  • CAN Control
  • High/Low Speed Conversion Mode

Extended Maintenance Intervals

  • High/Low Speed Conversion Mode
  • 3000 Hours Maintenance Interval
  • Donaldson Lubricating Oil Filter
  • Donaldson Fuel Filter Drier
  • Donaldson High Efficiency AC Receiver Drier
  • Long-Lasting Low-Temperature Antifreeze

Intelligent Control

  • Accurate & Intelligent Control System
  • Auto Start/Stop Fuel-Saving Mode
  • Sleep/Wake-Up Mode
  • Real-Time Data Monitoring System
  • Self-Check Function
  • Hot Gas Defrost
  • Cargo Protection System
  • Airflow Protection System
  • Intelligent Defrost Control
  • Multi OSD Language
  • Fahrenheit/Celsius Display

Human-Computer Interaction

  • Humanized Image Display
  • Internet of Things Remote Control and Monitoring
  • Intelligent Pre-Self Check and Fault Diagnosis
  • High-Speed USB Transmission Interface

Intelligent Control System

  • Engine Low Oil Pressure Switch Protection
  • Engine High Coolant Temperature Switch Protection
  • Engine Rotate Speed Protection
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature Protection
  • System High Pressure (HP) Protection
  • System Low Pressure (LP) Protection
  • System Voltage Protection
  • System Electric Current Protection
  • Fuel Heating Protection DOOR Switch
  • System High Pressure/Low Pressure Real-Time Monitoring


Ambient Temperature 30℃ (86°F)
Cooling Capacity  -20℃ to 0℃ (-4°F to 32°F)
BTU/H (Watts) 37200 BTU/H (10900W) –  66500 BTU/H (19500W)
Refrigerant R404A, 7.5kgs (16.53 lbs)
Temperature Range in Cabin -20℃ ~ +25℃ (-4°F to 77°F)
Voltage DC12V
Evaporator Size 1685*1150*204mm (66.34*45.27*8.03 in.)
Condenser Size 1945*2270*592mm (76.57*89.37*23.31 in.)
Trailer Box Body Opening Size 1696*1168mm (66.77*45.98 in.)
Weight 818kgs (excluding battery and fuel tank) or 1800lbs
Original Perkins Diesel Engine
Intelligent Control
Donaldson Fuel Filter Drier
Donaldson Lubricating Oil Filter
Donaldson Receiver Drier


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