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Products: KABAIR 10RT

The transit van refrigeration unit is vehicle engine driven; rooftop mounted, and split system.

The machine key components is using high quality components, the use of green refrigerant R134a/R404a, has chilled or frozen functions, it is small size, cooling fast, precise temperature control, reliable performance.

The refrigeration system is driven by the vehicle engine through a belt of the compressor, and a refrigeration cycle through certain, to achieve rapid temperature decrease in the cabinet, so as to achieve refrigeration, freezing effect.


  • Model: KABAIR 10RT, Van refrigeration unit
  • Driven Type:Engine Direct Driven
  • Installation: Roof mounted condenser
  • Application: 2-4m³ (70.63ft³  to 141.25ft³)  refrigerated van bodies


KA-10-A-RT-5℃ (23°F) 8350 BTU/H (2450W)
KA-10-B-RT-15℃ (5°F)4175 BTU/H (1225W) 
Temperature rating in container-15℃~+25℃ (5°F to 77°F)
Driven methodRooftop mounted & Split and vehicle engine driven unit
Suitable refrigerated cargo box (m3)2~ 4m³ (70.63ft³ to 141.25ft³)
Defrosting functionR404A Hot gas defrost (Auto./ Man.)
Compressor96cc/r; 108cc/r
RefrigerantR134a/R404a, 0.9kg
Heating functionOptional
ControllerElectronic digital controller
Evaporator610×530×160 (24.02*20.86*6.30 inch)
Condenser700×700×185 (27.56*27.56*7.28 inch)
Suitable vehicleRefrigerated cargo vans
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